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Education bills moving forward in General Assembly

Delaware Public Media

It’s been the year of education in the General Assembly and lawmakers get set to recess at the end of the month a handful of education bills are making their way through the legislature that would look at how much kids are being tested, redraw Wilmington school district lines and more.


Senators last week unanimously passed a bill requiring the state and all districts and individual schools inventory the amount of mandatory tests they give students, with a report due back by January.


Any action must be taken by next June.


They also signed off on the State Board of Education redrawing school district boundaries within the City of Wilmington.


State officials would have to align those boundaries with recommendations from an advisory group that would move Christina and Colonial out of the city, while coming up with a transition plan for current students. That work must be done by March 2016.


Both proposals now need approval in the House.