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Enlighten Me: More stories from UD student journalists

Delaware Public Media

The Green takes time to highlight more work created by student journalists at the University of Delaware.

In this week’s Enlighten Me, we feature two pieces produced by UD students during the spring 2021 semester.

We start with rising junior Media Communication Major Gina Cosenza.  While Delaware’s effort to legalize recreational marijuana, New Jersey is moving forward with it and Gina looks at how that’s playing out while the First State continues to debate.

Rising UD junior Media Communication Major Gina Cosenza reports on marijuana legalization in Delaware and neighboring New Jersey.

Next, we hear rising sophomore Media Communications Major Jessica Gardner.

She offers a final look at Brood X cicadas' appearance in Delaware before they disappear for another 17 years.

Rising UD sophomore Media Communication Major Jessica Gardner reports on cicadas in the First State.

These stories were created for a class taught by Nancy Karibjanian, long-time First State journalist, Director of UD’s Center for Political Communication, and one of founders of Delaware Public Media.