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Grant to help Del Tech expand IT training efforts

Delaware Tech has received a grant to expand training opportunities for those interested in pursuing careers in IT.

The $125,000 grant comes from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. The one-time, one-year grant will develop an accelerated certificate program - the CISCO CCNP Routing and Switching certificate program - to teach students how to run converged enterprise networks, which combine phone, video and data communication into a single network.

These networks are used by many businesses including JPMorgan Chase. 

JPMorgan Chase spokesperson Paul Hartwick says this collaboration with Del Tech is part of ongoing efforts to hire more local talent.

“We have almost a constant demand for skilled technologists and this program will definitely help us moving forward towards meeting that need,”  said Hartwick.

Judi Sciple is Del Tech’s Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and College Relations. She says that while they’re helping students find employment at companies like Chase, the new program also benefits current employees at Chase.

“Perhaps Chase will have some of their own employees, who need these [certifications], be able to take advantage of this program,”  said Sciple.


Chase’s grant covers the cost of instructors, student recruitment and equipment. Del Tech will provide scholarships to eligible students.  Chase and Del Tech are still working out the other details of the program. But they anticipate to start, it will enroll 20 students. As a prerequisite, students have to have earned the CISCO Certified Network Associate Credential.

IT professionals who receive the CCNP certification receive an average entry-level salary of more than $51,000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

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