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Exploring bilingual education in the First State

Education was the conversation of the day at this year’s second annual Delaware Latino Summit earlier this week.  Specifically, the summit focused on training more First State teachers to be culturally competent.

Andrea Flores is an example of what that could look like.

Flores is bilingual and teaches first grade at La Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School.

Her bilingual classroom is a model leaders like Gov. Jack Markell (D-Delaware) and Hispanic Commission co-chair Javier Torrijos want to replicate.

And Flores, who grew up speaking only Spanish until she was five and entered college  as a first-generation student, has a lot in common with other Latino students in Delaware.

"When you’re younger, it’s easier to learn a language," Flores said. "You’re more open to it. Your walls are not up, and you are open to the idea, and it’s exciting, it’s fun."



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