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Junior Achievement works to build financial literacy in kids

Courtesy of Junior Achievement

Financial literacy is a concept that intimidates many adults. But at Junior Achievement in Wilmington, 45 kids spent part of their summer learning about good credit and how to stick to a budget - so they’ll be ready when the time comes to manage their own money.

They were saying things like oh my God I can’t believe how broke I am already, I’ve only paid five bills! Or, oh my God groceries are so expensive," said  Shannon Hartzel, who runs The Junior Achievement Finance Park program.

The program's summer academy  completed last month after  kids learned about credit scores and overspending.

She says the financial crisis of 2008 taught her that kids need to learn about financial literacy early.

"The reason why our economy is the way it is right now because my generation and older generations didn’t have this kind of program to really kind of show you the proper way to save and manage your money," said Hartzel.

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