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BVSPCA to open its Kent County location this weekend


The Brandywine Valley SPCA is set to open its new location in Dover this weekend.

The BVSPCA purchased the long-abandoned Kent County SPCA building a year and a half ago and spent $1.2 million on its revitalization with the help of a $500,000 grant from Petco.

The new facility gives the BVSPCA a Pet Resource Center in all three Delaware counties.  

BVSPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli says, like the others, the new site in Dover will function as both an animal shelter with an adoption center and a low-cost veterinary clinic.

“Our approach in animal sheltering is not just focusing on lost and stray animals and adoptions, which is very, very important, but to also be there for pet families throughout the life of their pet,” said Torelli.       

The new site is the fourth brick and mortar facility the BVSPCA has added in the First State in as many years, including its animal rescue center in Georgetown. 

“We’re really excited about the grand-opening celebration,” said Torelli. “A lot of the people involved in helping us get to this point will be there, the Governor is going to come and speak but I think, really, the most exciting thing for the community is just to come and see what a vibrant place and resource it’s going to be for them and their pets.”     

The new location will also offer a pet food pantry for pets in low-income households and a humane education program.  

Torelli says the facility has already housed stray dogs for the past year, and pets will be put up for adoption this weekend.

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