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The Warehouse receives New Castle County grant

via Teen Warehouse Facebook page

New Castle County Cares is helping support a new teen-focused  program in Wilmington.



The teen-led co-working space for students is called The Warehouse and meant to be a safe and supportive physical space for teens to go after school. 

The Warehouse intends to address violence in the city, support academics and promote career readiness. 

County Executive Matt Meyer presented The Warehouse with a $10,000 grant from NCC Cares to support the initiative. 

“In 2019, we need to give every child in New Castle County and excellent opportunity for an amazing future.”

The Warehouse’s goal is to provide a safe and supportive space away from the poverty and violence some teens currently experience at home.

“Teachers and schools are not equipped to do everything that we need to do in certain communities, so we gotta work outside of school.”

Meyer adds that kids who face rough circumstances are suspended more often than other students, and The Warehouse will help those students during school hours.

“What is suspension? It’s a day out of school. What they’re doing is they’re creating an environment that kids can continue to learn and continue to get outside of school assistance on days that they are suspended.”

The programs offered at The Warehouse are designed by the kids, rather than adults - and are supported by over 130 local organizations, businesses and governments including NCC Cares. The center is scheduled to open in January of 2020.

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