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Delaware City Refinery to pay over $200,000 to settle state violations

Delaware Public Media

The Delaware City Refinery will pay $218,000 in fines to settle a series of state environmental violations.

In one settlement with DNREC, the refinery, owned by PBF Energy, will pay $100,000 for illegally shipping millions of gallons of crude oil.

DNREC initially levied a $150,000 fine against the refinery a year ago, saying it loaded more than 850,000 barrels of oil on barges bound for a handful of refineries along the Delaware River in 2014.

The company is only allowed to ship oil between Delaware City and it’s Paulsboro, New Jersey refinery under its 2013 permit from DNREC.

When confronted about an unauthorized shipment, PBF said it was a one-time incident. But the refinery later admitted to sending 17 different shipments to at least three other facilities.

As part of the settlement, the refinery will also seek a Coastal Zone Act Status Decision prior to making any future shipments of crude oil to a location other than their refinery in Paulsboro.

In a separate settlement, the Delaware City refinery faces a $118,000 penalty for exceeding discharge limits for its cooling water, treated wastewater, and storm water between December 2014 and August 2017.  The refinery will pay $30,000 to the state and cover the remaining $88,000 dollars by doing shoreline stabilization projects at the nearby Fort DuPont complex

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