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Grand opening held for Faithful Friends Animal Society's Veterinary Clinic

Faithful Friends
A grand opening ceremony was held Friday for a new, low-cost veterinary clinic operated by Faithful Friends Animal Society.

Faithful Friends Animal Society held a grand opening for its new veterinary clinic in Wilmington Friday.

Faithful Friends Animal Society Veterinary Clinic is located on Germany Drive, right next door to the Faithful Friends shelter.


"We wanted to be able to help people keep their pets and reduce the number of animals being brought into shelters for medical reasons and also to be able to help people keep their pets healthy. And we realized over the years that many people calling us could not afford private veterinary care,” said Faithful Friends executive director Jane Pierantozzi


Pierantozzi says local, licensed veterinarians provides a wide variety of services at the clinic.


“We offer services ranging from physical examinations for preventative care and that’s in the way of vaccinations and blood work, said Pierantozzi. "We also offer services for spay/neuter, all the way to dental with our miscellaneous surgery, all at affordable rates to the general public.”


Pierantozzi notes the clinic, which officially opened in March, does not perform urgent, emergency or advanced sick care.

Appointments are required for services by calling 427-8514. You can also check out other services being offered at the clinic by logging on to faithful