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Flu outbreak puts Young Correctional Institution on lockdown

Delaware Public Media

Delaware's Howard R. Young Correctional Institution is effectively on lockdown amid a flu outbreak among the inmates.

The Department of Corrections says at least 40 inmates may have been exposed to the virus. Two specimens from six men who've fallen sick have been confirmed as flu cases.

Two more are being tested as of Thursday, and the prison is working with state public health officials to test more as they emerge.

Infected inmates are being treated in the prison's infirmary, and their cellmates have been isolated and given anti-viral medication as a precautionary measure.

All visits to the prison are canceled until further notice, as are programs and volunteer shifts. Inmates' movements in the prison are also limited. And they won't be taken out to court dates; video conferencing will be used instead where possible.

The state also isn't transporting any new prisoners to Howard R. Young for the time being. All committals are now being diverted to Vaughn Correctional Center.