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Firefly prepares to welcome 90,000 fans for its 2015 edition

At its first year, the Firefly Festival drew an audience of 30,000 people to the Woodlands at the Dover Speedway. This year, they’ve sold out their tickets, expecting 90,000 total visitors and 75,000 campers.

Firefly sold out over the weekend for the very first time. Due to increased demand, only four-day passes were offered this year, as opposed to single-day tickets. There are still a handful of $699 VIP passes available.


Firefly director Greg Bostrom attributes their success to their loyal fanbase and word-of-mouth.


“I think a lot of people have gotten behind the magic of Firefly," said Bostrom. "We’ve had people come back every year. Not only have they come back, they’ve told their friends. I think everyone just sees the same thing in the Woodlands that we do. It’s the best place in the world to see music.”

In response to increased attendance, Red Frog also worked on reimagining stage spaces and enhanced recreational venues for Firefly’s visitors. Bostrom added that it’s important that they give the crowd the feeling the event isn’t crowded.

Senator Tom Carper, who toured the festival’s grounds for the first time Monday morning, says events like Firefly bring a strong boost to the First State’s tourism profile.  

“People all over the country know about Firefly now," said Carper. "A lot of people know about Dover Downs, they know the Dover Air Force Base. Some know about our beaches and our first national park. We have a strong economy in the state. Part of it is agriculture and tourism. Tourism is a big deal and [Firefly] is a nice complement to what we do down in the beaches and around the state.”

The attendance expected for Firefly, along with the 35,000 expected for its companion Big Barrel country festival a week later - could generate $90 to $100 million dollars in economic impact, according to their organizer, Red Frog Events.

Firefly begin this Thursday, with Paul McCartney headlining on Friday, the Kings of Leon on Saturday and The Killers on Sunday.


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