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History Matters: A picture is worth a thousand words.


History Matters digs into the Delaware Historical Society’s archives each month to explore connections between key people, places, and events in history and present-day news.

From sets of fine china to war-torn relics, each item in the Delaware Historical Society’s diverse collection represents a piece of Delaware’s history. Sometimes, however, the precise history of an item is unknown—until a new clue emerges.

When Delaware Historical Society member Paul Preston Davis purchased a Civil War photograph of the First Delaware Regiment color guard, Davis wondered what clues the image might offer: Who were the men in the photo? When was the photo taken? And most importantly, could the flags in the photo be the same tattered flags held in the Delaware Historical Society archives?

This month's History Matters chronicles the efforts of Davis and his friend Andy McKay to connect the photograph and the flags, and start to solve this historical puzzle.

History Matters: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Delaware Public Media follows the efforts to connect the flags in a Civil War picture to the Civil War era flags in the Delaware Historical Society collection.

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