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History Matters: Fort Delaware sketches


“History Matters” digs into the Delaware Historical Society’s archives each month to explore connections between key people, places, and events in history and present-day news.

In this month's History Matters, Delaware Public Media and the Delaware Historical Society offer another view of the former Civil War prison as part of the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States: one from those who were actually there.

History Matters: Fort Delaware sketches.

Delaware Public Media examines Civil War era sketches of Fort Delaware by Max Neugas and Baldwin Coolidge.


(Producer/Videographer/Editor: Ben Szmidt)

Fort Delaware State Park reopens to visitors Saturday May 5th - once again giving those who take the ferry ride to Pea Patch Island on the Delaware River an opportunity to walk though a piece of Delaware and Civil War history.

Max Neugas and Baldwin Coolidge were both at Fort Delaware during the Civil War.  While Neugas was a prisoner and Coolidge was a guard, they did have something in common - a talent for sketching.  Both took time to draw life at Fort Delaware as they saw it and their work survives to this day, offering a unique window into history.

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