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Mountaire acquires new grain storage facility in Dover

Image Courtesy of Mountaire Farms
The Cartanza Grain Facility

The sixth largest chicken processor in the country has purchased a new grain storage facility in Kent County.

Mountaire Farms recently announced the purchase of the Cartanza Grain Facility on Little Creek Road in Dover.

The Cartanza facility is Mountaire’s sixth grain storage facility in Delaware and it’s second in Kent County.

Mountaire’s director of Agribusiness Adam Downes says the purchase was made in an effort to use 100% local corn in their chicken feed.  

“Here on the Eastern Shore, Maryland, Delaware, Eastern Shore Virginia, the farmers grow about 91 million bushels of corn, per USDA numbers. We use about 32 million bushels of corn per year here on the shore”, Downes said.

The facility, which was built in 1977, has been a mainstay in the Kent County Agriculture community and Mountaire is hoping to build upon that heritage.

“As of May 31st we’re taking over that facility and looking forward to continuing their legacy, and servicing the farmers in that area, and buying all that local grain,” Downes added.

The Cartanza facility has a one million bushel capacity and a grain dryer, which prevents spoilage.