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Two-digit black license plate fetches six-digit price

via Emmert Auction Associates Facebook page

Black and White Delaware license plate number 20 was sold at auction over the weekend for a more than six-digit price tag.

The triple-estate auction was held Sunday at Emmert Auction Associates in Rehoboth Beach.

Seven low-digit tags were sold for thousands of dollars each, with the highest price offered on the Simonson estate’s Del 20. A retired oral surgeon from Rehoboth Beach beat out 15 other Delawareans with a bid of $410,000 for Del 20.

Emmert Auction President William D. Emmert says low digit tags are a Delaware thing.

“Nowhere in the country do they bring money like they do here—and hold their value. I mean they’re steadily going up. Since the 1950s we’ve seen two-digit tags go from $5,000 to $500,000,” said Emmert.

President William D. Emmert says single-digit license plates have gone for more, but this is a world record for a two-digit tag.

“There’s never been a tag between number 10 or number 100 to sell for $410,000 or anywhere real close to that,” he said.

Emmert adds with the exception of one plate sold in the United Arab Emirates almost all the top-selling license plates worldwide have been from Delaware.

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