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Delaware gets an A+ in small business friendliness


A national study ranks Delaware second in the nation in small-business friendliness.


Only Wyoming scored higher in the survey of business owners using the professional networking site Thumbtack.


Lucas Puente is an economist at Thumbtack. He says the data obtained from the survey was used to assign grades to city and state governments, and Delaware got an A+.

“The A+ grade is based on the evaluations that the small business owners and service professionals that use our site have to say about their state government in terms of their support for small businesses,” said Puente.

Puente says Delaware scored high in all areas, but particularly in the state’s business regulations, which respondents found easier to comply with than some other states.

“Especially on regulations. On everything from labor regulation, to licensing requirements to environmental rules, to health and safety rules, Delaware achieved high above average and in some cases some of the highest in the country,” said Puente.

Puente says Delaware’s small business regulations are more simple and easy to comply with than some other states. He also says Delaware’s Government websites are easy to use.

More than 28,000 small businesses in Delaware use Thumbtack for networking.