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New Jersey joins online gambling co-op with Delaware and Nevada

Delaware Public Media
Delaware Poker

The state of New Jersey is joining an interstate gaming cooperative with Nevada and Delaware that allows gamblers to play against other players online across state lines.


The Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement was originally created by Nevada and Delaware in 2014.

“It’s been a great partnership. The technology has really been first rate, and everything has worked really well--the platform has been stable. We’d like to see a little bit more revenue, but everyone would like to see a little bit more of that,” said Delaware Lottery Director Vernon Kirk.

Adding New Jersey’s population will more than double the number of people who can log on and play against other gamblers from out of state.

“What that does, basically, it offers a customer in Delaware to play the game of their choice, at the stakes of their choice, at the time of their choice, and that generally will result in revenue,” said Kirk.


State gambling laws still apply to players in their respective states.  

The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association regulates online play for the online gamblers in the co-op.


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