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After record flooding across the Midwest, some farmers are wrestling with whether to plant anything at all this season.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before House panels. Customs and Border Protection is under fire for migrant issues. And, the Democratic presidential debates get underway Wednesday.

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Democratic presidential candidates want to see who can be the most generous when it comes to alleviating higher education costs. Sen. Bernie Sanders aims to cancel $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.

The 2020 Democratic presidential debates kick off in Miami. It'll be crowded with 10 candidates taking the stage Wednesday night and another 10 Thursday night.

A year ago Wednesday, the Supreme Court upheld the Trump administration's travel ban on eight, mostly Muslim, countries. It has had life-altering implications for many families.

Summits like the G-20 being held this week in Japan are often a chance for geopolitical speed-dating. President Trump has meetings scheduled with at least eight world leaders over the next three days. None is more consequential than his sit-down Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The two big, very different personalities will be jockeying for global power and economic might, with hundreds of billions of dollars in trade on the line.

The House Democratic leadership pushed through a $4.5 billion emergency aid package late Tuesday to help thousands of migrants packed into overcrowded facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border, but it's unlikely to get a hearing in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Three senators, four current or former representatives, a mayor, a governor and a former cabinet secretary all walk onto a stage ... followed the next night by a former vice president, four senators, a congressman, a former governor, a mayor and a pair of entrepreneurs.

Millions of television viewers are getting their first extended look at the historically sprawling Democratic primary field over two nights in Miami this week.

Former Vice President Joe Biden weathered a weekend of stinging criticism from his Democratic rivals following his comment about his ability to work with segregationists to get things done in the Senate, but it appears to have had little impact on how voters here in South Carolina see him.

Bill collector Brenda Wright isn't supporting Biden for the nomination for an entirely different reason.

"If you're 76, it's time to go home and sit down. I'm 60, and I'm ready to go home and sit down," she joked.