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Arts Playlist: Southern Delaware Chorale bounces back from COVID-19, prepares for new season

The Southern Delaware Chorale
Colin Armstrong, Southern Delaware Chorale
The Southern Delaware Chorale

In a matter of days in March of 2020, the billion-dollar Delaware arts and culture industry came to a screeching halt – museums closed, performance venues went dark, and major and minor arts events were canceled.

Smaller groups like the Southern Delaware Chorale suffered the most, despite being a staple of the state's arts and culture scene for nearly 40 years. But under the leadership of Artistic Director and Conductor Colin Armstrong, the Chorale is in good shape and has big plans for its upcoming season.

In this week’s Arts Playlist, producer Kyle McKinnon caught up with Armstrong for more on the Chorale and how it's managing.

Producer Kyle McKinnon talks with conductor Colin Armstrong about the Southern Chorale and how it's managing

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Kyle McKinnon is the Senior Producer for The Green with a passion for storytelling and connecting with people.