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AMA study highlights the economic impact physicians have in the First State

Delaware Public Media

A new study from the American Medical Association shows the economic impact physicians have in the First State.

The study found Delaware physicians directly and indirectly support 25,791 jobs and create about $4.8 billion of economic activity.

Medical practices also generate more than $160 million a year in tax revenue for the state of Delaware.

Medical Society of Delaware President Dr. Richard Henderson says this contribution is significant.

“Physician’s offices are often perceived in isolation, because we usually only go to one doctor or another at a time, but when you look at the discipline of medicine in general, and consider its economic impact, you get a little bit different picture,” said Henderson.

But Henderson adds the contribution is expected to lessen in the years to come.

“The prediction is that it is going to shrink, particularly in our primary care area. The number of medical students graduating who are choosing internal medicine or family medicine is decreasing,” said Henderson.

There are more than 22 hundred physicians in Delaware. If their direct and indirect impact are considered, they account for about 7% of the state’s gross product, according to the study.