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Delaware joins in on National Public Health Week

This week is ‘National Public Health Week’ and state officials are hoping to push people into making better choices in all aspects of their lives.


Typically, that includes urging Delawareans to exercise for an hour a day, quit smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes or to improve their diet by cutting back on sugary foods and fatty meat.


Department of Public Health (DPH) spokesperson Emily Knearl says you don’t have to make drastic changes to have a positive effect on your health.


“Tiny steps make a difference," said Knearl. "So even if it’s trying to consume one or more additional servings of fruit or vegetables a day, trying to make sure every meal has either a fruit or vegetable or both in it.”



But Knearl adds DPH is also using this week to try to illuminate other health factors, like larger environmental issues.


“Research shows that only about 10 percent of a person’s health status is impacted by traditional medical care," said Knearl. "Health is also directly impacted by where people live, work, play and pray.”


The agency partnered with University of Delaware and released a study in January that shows how important integrated parks, neighborhoods and bike trails are to boosting someone’s health.


DPH will be using social media to broadcast tips and web links to help you be healthier throughout the week.