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Study shows positive results from state program to green buildings

A new study has shown that the state’s energy efficiency projects have exceeded expectations.

The report, conducted by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, in collaboration with the University of Delaware looked at eight energy efficiency projects in state government and academic buildings. These buildings included Department for Corrections, the Legislative Mall, Delaware State University and Del Tech Community College.

The study showed that the projects surpassed, saving 3 percent more in energy savings than expected. The Sussex County Family Court building, for example, achieved over double the energy savings anticipated.

Tony DePrima, spokesperson for the Sustainable Energy Utility, said that the initial program’s success has helped fuel a second round of projects.


“This is a core function of the Sustainable Energy Utility and we’re excited to duplicate the success,” said DePrima.

It cost $75 million to finance the first round of the program, a part of Gov. Markell’s coordinated strategy to reduce the First State’s carbon footprint. The second is tentatively estimated to cost $50 million and will begin in 2016. Most of the first projects, which started in 2011, have been completed.