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A few cases of parvovirus at adoption event for thousands of rescue animals

Dec 17, 2018

There were a few cases of parvovirus at the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s Mega Adoption event last week.

The BVSPCA adopted out more than 1100 pets at the society’s largest adoption event to date. Most of the animals were rescued from overcrowded shelters across the country where they would’ve likely been euthanized.

But a few of the puppies that were adopted contracted parvovirus at the event.

BVSPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli says parvo is a common malady for puppies too young for their vaccinations.

“Parvo is, unfortunately, a risk in any shelter,” said Torelli. “It affects young puppies. Puppies don’t get their full vaccinations until they’re four months old. So they’re going to be susceptible even if all the vaccination protocols are followed; all the shelter medicine protocols are followed.”

Six puppies adopted from the event were confirmed to have contracted parvo and five passed away.

“These events save thousands of animals and every single one of them matters to us,” said Torelli. “It’s also important to keep in perspective the ability to save animals that would’ve had no chance of life at all and this event saved over 1000 animals.”

Torelli says it’s not likely any other animals contracted the virus at the event as it normally takes only a few days for symptoms to show after an animal is exposed. But she adds the BVSPCA will pay for the treatment of any animal adopted with parvo.