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Bill legalizing sale of raw milk heads to Gov. Carney

State Sen Eric Buckson
Sarah Petrowich
Delaware Public Media
State Sen Eric Buckson

A bill aiming to legalize the sale of raw milk in Delaware passes in the Delaware House.

Senate Bill 273, sponsored by State Sen. Eric Buckson (R-South Dover), heads to Gov. Carney’s desk after a 39-2 House vote.

Buckson says that the goal is to provide consumers with a choice.

“You go to the farm, you decide to purchase the raw milk on your own, and then you take it home, which I think is the American way,” Buckson said.

Delaware becomes the 16th state to legalize raw milk for sale, joining neighboring Pennsylvania and Connecticut on that list.

Raw milk refers to milk that has not been pasteurized, which some argue is a more natural and therefore healthier way to consume milk.

Advocates of raw milk also claim that consuming it can help lessen dairy-related health issues, such as allergies and lactose intolerance.

In 1987, the FDA prohibited the interstate sale of raw milk due to concerns that it could cause sickness. However, many states have since ruled that selling raw milk within the state is perfectly legal.

“I and the [bill’s] supporters recognize the concerns,” Buckson said. “We’re not diminishing those. What we’re saying is that in the modern era of 2024, the technology and the measures we have now to ensure that raw milk can be consumed safely makes it so this bill is a good move.”

Buckson says he has tried raw milk and enjoyed it, adding he’ll celebrate the bill’s passing with a celebratory glass.