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Sen. Carper prevails over progressive challenger Kerri Harris

Kerri Harris and Sen. Tom Carper

Delaware’s senior Sen. Tom Carper survived a challenge from the left trying to oust him from his U.S. Senate seat. Carper won his primary over progressive challenger Kerri Harris.

Harris tried to do what Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did in Brooklyn and Ayanna Pressley did on Tuesday in Boston, successfully primary an establishment Democrat in Congress.

But Carper’s tireless retail campaigning won the day. He said he’s excited by the energy that young people are bringing to politics.

“A lot of people thought that my generation was off its rocker," he said. "We weren’t and these folks aren’t either.”

Carper easily won with 65 percent of the vote. But Harris said earning 35 percent support is a victory in itself.

“Tomorrow starts a new day," she said. "Tomorrow we realize that this wind is a real wind regardless of what people say. We are changing America and we started with the First State.”

Carper won all three counties and the city of Wilmington to produce his 24,000 vote margin of victory.

Harris told her supporters corporate interests won, but that they were running scared.

The race help drive higher that usual primary turnout with over 25 percent of Democrats coming out Thursday.

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