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Stance on marijuana legalization separates Eaby from field in Lt. Governor primary

Brad Eaby


Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Brad Eaby has at least one issue he can point to that sets him apart from the half dozen Democrats running for Lt. Governor in Delaware.

In a recent conversation with Delaware Public Media he outlined his top three priorities if he earns the Democratic Party’s nomination.  

The one on Eaby’s list that may not be on other candidates' is his plan to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.   

“The revenue that you might receive from legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana could easily be in excess of $21.5 million based on some initial calculations that have been run,” Eaby said.

Eaby, who is a practicing lawyer, said these funds could pay for the other two items on his list of priorities: public education and criminal justice reform.

Eaby argues that people are already buying and selling marijuana in the state. By legalizing, regulating and taxing it, Delaware can reduce the criminal element surrounding marijuana and benefit from the additional tax revenue.