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Head of Delaware's Republican party is pleased with Pence VP pick


The head of Delaware’s Republican Party is pleased with Donald Trump’s pick of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

Delaware Republican Party chairman Charlie Copeland called Governor Pence a "good strategic choice" for vice president.     

“Donald Trump is a fresh face. He’s an outsider. So he reached out to a guy with a strong conservative resume who is a governor who has executive experience and is ready to be a member of the executive branch. But also has 12 years experience within leadership positions within Congress.”  

A Trump-Pence presidential ticket could bring conservative voters to the polls in November, which would help Delaware Republican candidates win their legislative races.

Pence still has strong relationships with Republican lawmakers in Congress. That could help Trump navigate foreign policy issues like the recent terrorist attack in France, according to Copeland.           

Donald Trump announced his vice president pick Friday on Twitter.