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203rd Big August Quarterly festival to feature historical reenactment

Delaware Historical Society

The August Quarterly is adding a new element this year: a reenactment of Harriet Tubman’s involvement in leading slaves to safety via the Underground Railroad.

Judith Roane is playing the role of Harriet Tubman in the reenactment.  She’s been involved with the August Quarterly ever since she can remember - and she’s excited to play an important role this year in highlighting a piece of Delaware’s history.


“What they really wanted people to see and understand is the connection between August Quarterly, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Garrett and the Riverfront," she said.


Roane says it’s a connection that can be made across generations, recalling the impact one reenactment had on a very young audience member.


“And the next day, I happened to be walking out of church, and I was walking down the street. This was a girl who was about six who was with her mother, walking towards me," she said. "And she said, 'oh! Harriet Tubman!' And her mother said, 'that’s not nice,' and I said 'no, I understand. She just saw me portray Harriet Tubman yesterday.' And I said to myself, if that little girl is six years old and really believes that I’m Harriet Tubman, then I did something right.”


Roane particularly hopes it will spark a sense of curiosity in young people.


“You have to know where you come from to know where you are going," she said.


The reenactment takes place Sunday at 5 p.m. There’s also a youth day Saturday featuring young artists, a backpack giveaway and free haircuts for kids.


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