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New report shows half of victims in Delaware road fatalities didn't buckle up

Delaware Public Media

The state’s Office of Highway Safety has launched a series of overtime patrols throughout the state to enforce seatbelt use and safe driving practices.

In 2015, half the victims in fatal crashes did not wear seat belts.


Office of Highway Safety spokesperson Lisa Flowers says it’s an uptick from last year.


“In fatal accidents in 2014, 46 percent percent were unrestrained, so we have seen an increase of about 5 percent from 2014 to 2015," said Flowers.

According to the Office of Highway Safety, victims were more likely to not be restrained between noon and 5 p.m. and between 1 a.m. and 3p.m. A third of the unrestrained fatalities occurred under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Males between the age of 16 and 29 are typically caught not wearing seat belts.

Patrols will also watch for speeding violations. 56 percent of drivers responsible for speed-related crashes were 29 years old or younger.

The Office of Highway Safety is working with 15 municipal law enforcement agencies throughout the state, along with the Delaware State Police, on these overtime patrols from now until February 7. Officials will also launch a media campaign to promote their efforts.

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