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Wilmington's Riverfront Outdoor Ice Skating Rink re-opens for new season

The Riverfront Outdoor Ice Skating Rink  opened its doors Friday for the first time this season. It’s the second winter in a row the rink has been open and operational.  

It was around 60 degrees outside, but on opening day, around twenty people were out on the ice.


Lisa Burns said it was a good alternative to the more typical Black Friday activities.


"You can see the water! A lot of people out today, I think they decided to come here instead of shop!" said Burns

That view of the water is what keeps her coming back to the Wilmington rink.

Five year-old Kyle Hill was mostly clinging to the railing when he wasn’t falling on the ice.

"We’re going skating, because me and mommy, we found out that it was open today!" he said joyously.

The skating rink is open for a few weeks longer this winter than last year, and Jamie Senn, operations manager for the Riverfront Development Corporation, says there’s new programming as well.

"We have our learn-to-skate sessions, a father-daughter date night session coming up in January, and then a mother-son as well," she said.

Christmas caroling and free hot chocolate at the rink are also on the horizon, she added.

The rink will remain open until February 28, 2016. Children skate for $5, and adults for $8.


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