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Emerging trend of pop-up art events in Wilmington continues

Lauren Ruth
Maiza Hixon and Lauren Ruth of "The Shaft."

A new exhibition in Wilmington isn’t happening in a museum or a gallery.

Defining features of pop-up art galleries are that they come and go, and they possess an element of surprise in which viewers stumble upon art when and where they don’t expect it.

On Thursday, August 6th, Downtown Visions and “The Shaft” will host a one-night only pop-up art gallery show at H.B DuPont Park.

“The Shaft” is the name of the exhibit but it’s also the label for its creative team, former DCCA curator Maiza Hixon and artist Lauren Ruth.

The duo will build a freestanding white cube gallery at H.B. DuPont Park during the early afternoon in preparation for its official unveiling later that evening.

Ruth says the aim is to provide a unique encounter with the work on display.

“Instead of having merely an audience who might know about the event and know to come out, we also get visitors who are just walking by who might be on their way to work, or leaving work,” she says. “They see the event happening and then they come and they have a different experience; one that they didn’t expect.”

Approximately thirty-five exhibiting artists will show their work.

Much of the art will be available for purchase.  The August 6th event will also feature a ribbon cutting, toast to the artists, artist talks, and gallery tours. Music will be provided by DJ Skinny White. Food trucks and cash bar will also be available.