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Sussex County Council approved a plan Tuesday to regulate housing density near state tidal wetlands.

A Sussex County Councilman is proposing to change the way housing density is measured in an effort to protect state wetlands.

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South Bethany residents and a local environmental group started installing floating wetlands along many of South Bethany’s canals Tuesday, hopeful they’ll improve water quality that has historically suffered from high levels of nutrients.

A new online tool can help Delaware landowners see if wetlands are on their property.

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Environmental scientists, academics and engineers gathered in Wilmington this week to present the latest advances in wetland research.

Wetlands cover about a quarter of Delaware, but have declined steadily over the past couple decades due to human development, agricultural runoff and sea level rise.

Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

The health of the Nanticoke River improved little in the past year according to its report card that was launched today (Thursday).

The report card noted that excessive nitrogen levels and low water clarity were the two biggest issues hurting the Nanticoke watershed.