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Delaware is the first state in the U.S. to levy a fee on drug manufacturers for the opioids dispensed in the state.

A bill creating an opioid impact fee on drug manufacturers cleared its final legislative hurdle Thursday.

Delaware Public Media

Legislation creating an opioid impact fee found bipartisan support in the state Senate Tuesday - passing by a 17-4 margin.

Delaware Public Media

Drug manufacturers may have to start paying a fee for opioids dispensed in Delaware.

Delaware Public Media

Legislation protecting insurance coverage based on genetic test results is set for action in March.

House Democratic Caucus

Delaware is the 25th state to add an state Equal Rights Amendment to its Constitution.


Environmental groups are decrying the Trump administration’s decision allowing seismic testing off the First State’s coast.

Delaware Public Media

Gov. John Carney (D) is expected to sign legislation helping to protect Delaware beaches from possible offshore oil and natural gas drilling in the future.

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School safety was the subject of a forum moderated by state Senator Stephanie Hansen Monday.

State Senate Democrats and Republicans have met to discuss a compromise on the proposed state Equal Rights Amendment.