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Legislation revising safe storage requirements for firearms squeaked through the Delaware House Tuesday.

Democratic state lawmakers are trying to revamp the First State’s voting system.

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Legislative Hall in Dover was packed Tuesday as 17 new members were sworn into the General Assembly.

The House welcomed eight Democrats and four Republicans. The Senate added five new faces, four Democrats and one Republican.

Delaware House passes charter school rules change

May 20, 2017
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Charter schools may soon no longer be able to use a five-mile radius surrounding the location as a screening tool for their student body.

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As a protest against the General Assembly’s failure to pass meaningful reforms for Wilmington school children, some House backers of a city schools redistricting plan voted against the $4.1 billion operating budget Wednesday.

House greenlights primary election consolidation

Jun 10, 2016

The state house signed off on a bill Thursday to move Delaware’s state primary from September to April.

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A controversial plan to redraw Wilmington school district lines barely drew the eight votes necessary to pass a House committee Wednesday, amid all five Republican members leaving the hearing early and some rumblings of concern from Democrats.

A bipartisan coalition of state lawmakers are looking to push up Delaware’s state primary by more than four months – something they say will lead to increased voter participation.

Gov. Markell apologizes for slavery

Feb 10, 2016
James Dawson/Delaware Public Media

Delaware became the ninth state in the country to officially apologize for slavery Wednesday.


Gov. Jack Markell (D) signed the apology resolution at the Delaware Public Archives, coinciding with the unveiling of its Black History Month exhibit.