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south wilmington wetland project

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Flood risk is increasing in low-lying, coastal Delaware due to climate change.

But nationwide, flood insurance rates aren’t high enough to cover the growing risk, or even the risk right now. 

Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt examines the cost of flood insurance in the First State.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

One low-lying Wilmington neighborhood is expected to be highly susceptible to rising sea levels down the road.  But before tackling that challenge, a solution to the chronic flooding it already faces is being built.

Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt explores that project, and what else might need to be done to keep the neighborhood livable long term.


Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Nearly $3 million in federal funding is coming to the City of Wilmington to help mitigate flooding in its Southbridge neighborhood.


The federal grant will go to the South Wilmington Wetlands Project. The park, along with a planned sewer separation project, aims to decrease chronic flooding in Southbridge while providing wildlife habitat and open space.

According to City officials, the grant is the largest of 35 recently awarded nation-wide by the National Coastal Resilience Fund.