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Photo Courtesy: Uwe Kils

If you’ve ever been swimming along the shoreline, chances are, you probably have come across zooplankton. Most are microscopic, but some are visible to the naked eye, like jellyfish.

“These might be the copepods that you might know from SpongeBob [Squarepants], the evil Plankton character," said Cohen. "Or they might be things that spend only a portion of their life in the plankton [stage] and that might be like the larval stage of barnacles or crabs.”

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Rushed to the emergency room, the infant had been vomiting greenish-colored material, which could indicate a possible bowel obstruction. “That’s a surgical emergency,” said Dr. Nicholas Slamon, a specialist in pediatric critical care at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington.

The emergency room swiftly requested a transport to the children’s hospital, part of the Nemours Health System. A specially trained nurse was dispatched to accompany the child.

Linwood Worthington’s parents always made sure he received regular dental care while he was growing up.  But when he became an adult, he discovered that the dental insurance that came with his job didn’t go very far. Moreover, when he became unemployed after relocating to Delaware in 2005, he learned that his Medicaid benefits excluded dental altogether.  His teeth suffered.  But then a friend told him about Hope Medical Clinic in Dover which offers free non-emergency treatment and consultations to low-income adults.