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Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

An clean air advocate has some concerns about the slag grinding facility proposed for near the Port of Wilmington.


Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Some residents near a proposed slag grinding facility have taken a hard line against it. Others are hoping to work with the company planning to build it.


Some Delaware environmentalists are worried a proposed fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin does not go far enough.

Courtesy of Walan Speciality Construction Products

Residents of Southbridge will press for more answers about a proposed slag grinding facility at a community meeting Saturday.

Delaware Public Media

Delaware’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health is looking to help upgrade some local, privately owned addiction treatment centers as part of the planned statewide system of care.

Sussex County Council approved a plan Tuesday to regulate housing density near state tidal wetlands.


Environmental groups are decrying the Trump administration’s decision allowing seismic testing off the First State’s coast.


The Delaware Department of Natural Resources is finalizing new regulations dealing with the outdoor removal of lead paint.

Jon Hurdle / Delaware Public Media

Where the waters of the Delaware Bay once rushed through a dune breach into the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, a freshly constructed beach planted with neat lines of dune grass now defends the northern edge of the preserve from the flooding that almost wiped it out just a few years ago.

University of Delaware

A University of Delaware professor has come up with a way to improve the performance and safety of batteries.