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school reopening

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Following a parent protest earlier this week, the state’s largest school district has modified the online offerings for its next phase of reopening.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Parents protested the state’s largest school district Tuesday over its plan for the next stage of reopening. 

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

The state’s public school districts and charters have now largely settled on how they’ll approach beginning the new school year.

Delaware Public Media contributor Larry Nagengast provides an overview of their various plans and walks us through the knowns and unknowns.


Delaware Public Media

The following is a list of reopening plans for Delaware school districts and charter schools, giving starting dates and formats.

Dates for transition from virtual to hybrid learning are subject to change. For details on the plans, check the website of each district or school.

School Districts

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Questions about how schools will resume teaching kids here in the First State are not limited to the state’s public schools and charters. Private schools also have decisions to make, and like their public school counterparts, there seem to be almost as many plans as there are schools.

Delaware Public Media contributor Larry Nagengast looks at how private school plans are coming together. 

Colonial School District is the latest to announce it will start the school year remotely for all students. 

State of Delaware

Delaware's total number  of COVID-19 cases is now over 15,000  But its numbers of new daily cases and percent of positive tests remain steady and low enough to get the state dropped from New Jersey's travel advisory list Tuesday.

And like other states, Delaware continiue to grapple with the issue of reopening schools this fall as more districts, including the Indian River Scool District, moving to to puch back the start of their school years.

Milton Pratt / Delaware Public Media

Delaware State University is among the Historically Black Colleges and Universities getting help with COVID-19 testing.

Experts across the country have worried more cases of child abuse are going unreported during the pandemic, as stresses on families increase but reports of child abuse drop


State officials in Delaware have seen a similar reduction in reports.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Gov. John Carney says the state is leaning towards reopening schools with a hybrid between in-person and online learning. But a final decision won’t be made until next week. 

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

The state has not yet signaled to school districts whether they should reopen in-person, online, or some combination of the two. 

But with just about a month left until the start of school, William Penn High School has made a decision: to begin entirely online. 

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Delaware’s largest university announced Wednesday it will operate mostly online for the fall semester. City of Newark officials approve of the decision — but note it will affect local businesses. 

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The state’s largest teachers’ union wants Delaware to begin the upcoming school year with school buildings closed.

Delaware Public Media

The state is scheduled to decide next month what path it will tell districts and charters to take as they formulate school reopening plans.

But one district is already delaying the start of its school year to have more time to implement its plan.