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February’s Joint Finance Committee (JFC) budget hearings give many state lawmakers a break from politics. That might help ease strains already seen in the session’s first 30 days.

The Joint Finance Committee has started budget hearings for the fiscal year 2020 budget.

The Bond Bill Committee approved more than $816 million for capital projects in the upcoming fiscal year Thursday.

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The Joint Capital Improvement Committee faces some difficult choices on funding for Delaware’s colleges and universities.

Some lawmakers say they will push an amendment to the Delaware Constitution changing how the state puts together budgets.

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The Port of Wilmington’s board is set to debate an agreement to lease the port to a Middle Eastern shipping company next week. The deal could create thousands of more jobs in Delaware.

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State lawmakers are giving themselves an extra $25,000 to help pay for paving and infrastructure repair projects within their districts.

Wage secrecy bill clears House

May 8, 2016
Delaware Public Media

House lawmakers barely passed a bill last week outlawing wage secrecy for private companies in Delaware.

The proposal would nix any attempts by employers to dissuade their workers from talking about how much they get paid in or out of the office.