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Courtesy of McGuiness campaign

Delaware’s new State Auditor Kathy McGuiness says the office eroded under her predecessor.

Tom Byrne / Delaware Public Media

The Delaware Department of Labor is seeking more state funding to eliminate some backlogs and waiting lists for services.

The deadline to file as a candidate for mayor of Newark was Monday.

There are now five candidates running to replace Newark's current mayor, Polly Sierer, who announced last month she would not seek a third term.

Previously on the Green, we interviewed one of the candidates - 21 year old UD student Kasai Guthrie.

This week,  Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks with two more: Catherine Ciferni and Jerry Clifton.

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The Joint Finance Committee heard the state Department of Education’s budget recommendations Thursday.

Delaware State University is asking budget-writing lawmakers for a sizable boost in funding for Fiscal Year 2020.

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Delaware’s senior Senator says President Trump’s State of the Union Tuesday night was largely what he expected.

Sen. Tom Carper says most of what the President said was “what we’ve heard before,” but he did take issue with a number of things Trump discussed.

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The Delaware Department of Correction presented its Fiscal Year 2020 budget request to the Joint Finance Committee Tuesday, seeking over $344 million.

A federal appeals court has ruled against a Delaware law requiring political balance among judges on First State courts.

The Delaware constitution requires judgeships on some courts be split almost evenly between the two major political parties.

Chelsea Beck / NPR

President Trump is delivering a State of the Union address after a delay due to the government shutdown.

Watch his speech live, followed by a Democratic response delivered by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Meg Kelly / NPR

President Trump is delivering his State of the Union address, which the White House says will outline a "policy agenda both parties can rally behind." Yet the speech follows the longest shutdown in U.S. history, and the deadline to avoid another one is in less than two weeks. NPR reporters covering the White House, Congress, immigration, national security and more are annotating his remarks live, adding context and analysis.