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Central American migrants heading north through Mexico toward the U.S. has become a political issue leading up to the midterm election.

Republicans in Delaware are questioning the recent hire of a retiring lawmaker to a top job at the state Lottery Office.

Reports the Trump administration is considering redefining gender as either male or female - raises the issue of protecting transgender rights in Delaware again.

A Sussex County Councilman is proposing to change the way housing density is measured in an effort to protect state wetlands.

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Concerns that a Trump administration proposal could essentially define transgender out of existence may not prompt new protections in the First State.

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A new poll released by the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication shows Delawareans are happy with their elected leaders.

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One state lawmaker says he plans to push again to end the First State’s reliance on cash bail. This comes after a Smyrna women died in jail earlier this month after being unable to pay bail.

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Gov. John Carney issued an executive order this week to make Delaware a more trauma-informed state.

Wednesday night's Delaware Debates saw candidates for First State seats in the U.S. House and Senate facing off on a wide variety of topics, including President Trump, gun regulation, climate change, and the nation' economy.


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Open government advocates are once again calling for an independent counsel to examine Delaware’s LLC law. It comes after a news report that a Middle Eastern government hired a Delaware LLC to kill people.