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The slate is set for next month’s Milford City Council election.


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Some lawmakers want to crack down on addiction treatment centers paying people to recruit patients.

Courtesy of Brandon Farzad

The Newark mayoral race was left wide open when current mayor Polly Sierer announced she would not seek a third term.

Previously, The Green brought you interviews with candidates Catherine Ciferni, Jerry Clifton and Kasai Guthrie.

This week, Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks to the fourth person running — Brandon Farzad.

Gun rights advocates oppose legislation revising the law on storage requirements for firearms.

Legislation that would give Delaware’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote easily passed the state Senate Thursday.

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Controversial pieces of legislation limiting access to abortions were heard Wednesday in a state Senate committee.

A proposal to award Delaware’s electoral votes to the national popular vote winner is proving controversial.

Sarah Mueller

Youth activists are backing legislation raising the age to buy tobacco products in Delaware from 18 years old to age 21.


The Delaware Merit Employee Relations Board released its decision on a former top official in the State Auditor’s Office.

Advocates for sexual assault survivors are calling for changes in how the First State handles rape kits.