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After House Democrats pushed through a bill Thursday hiking more than a dozen DMV fees to raise about $24 million, Republicans are firing back in their weekly message.

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People convicted of crimes when they were kids will have more leniency to expunge their records under a new bill nearly unanimously passed by House lawmakers this past week.

Lawmakers send telemedicine bill to Gov. Markell

May 14, 2015
Beebe Medical Center

Those using telemedicine services in Delaware are one step closer to realizing full parity with normal visits to their doctor.

House lawmakers Thursday approved technical corrections to a bill that would force insurance companies to treat costs for telemedicine services the same as they would for a typical appointment.

Proponents say current practices by those companies have discouraged some people living in more rural parts of Delaware to forego needed care with doctors that may be an hour or two drive away.

House ushers through DMV fee hike

May 14, 2015
Delaware Public Media

It took just 15 minutes for House Democrats to pass a $24 million DMV fee hike along party lines after months of failed bipartisan negotiations.

Democrats put forward a few olive branches, like exempting mobile houses from an increased document fee and a promise to move $10 million of DelDOT operating costs from the Transportation Trust Fund.

Gunn shut down in Del. Supreme Court

May 14, 2015

The Delaware Supreme Court has rebuffed a challenge that the Kent County Board of Canvass improperly handled a nail-biting race for Recorder of Deeds last fall.

The two-vote margin between La Mar Gunn and Betty Lou McKenna triggered an automatic recount, with Gunn increasing his lead by it and a second count.

House to vote on DMV hike

May 13, 2015
Delaware Public Media

House lawmakers are set to vote Thursday on a bill raising about $24 million by hiking certain DMV fees in order to pay for transportation projects.

The House Revenue and Finance Committee approved the proposal Wednesday after Republicans got assurances from top Democrats that there would be two amendments.

Delaware Public Media/Karl Malgiero

Wilmington 3rd District city councilman Darius Brown is using National Infrastructure Week to raise awareness of the importance of investing in the local and national infrastructure - despite tight budget times.

Brown led a tour of the 16th Street water filtration plant where nearly $60 million dollars has been spent recently on various capital improvements.

House committee blocks death penalty repeal

May 13, 2015
Delaware Public Media

The House Judiciary Committee voted down a bill that would repeal Delaware’s death penalty 6-5 Wednesday after a nearly three hour hearing.

The vote didn’t change dramatically from when the same committee killed a similar bill two years ago, despite colleagues not on the committee urging them to send it to the full House.

Children with autism in Delaware could soon get new support in public schools under two new bills introduced Tuesday.

One bill would overhaul the existing Delaware Autism Program by hiring one specialist per 100 school children with the disorder and working with them in their home districts.

Death penalty repeal prepares for House hearing

May 12, 2015
Delaware Public Media

Those trying to repeal Delaware’s death penalty are starting early Wednesday, despite both of their top sponsors saying it will not be voted out of committee.

Before the hearing itself, Black Thought, a co-founder of the band The Roots, will be speaking and performing at Legislative Hall, along with local community leaders.