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Sophia Schmidt / Delaware Public Media

Federal regulators have found toxic PFAS chemicals in some foods during tests in eight states, including Delaware.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirmed that it found different levels of the chemicals in 14 kinds of meat and fish, and other foods including sweet potatoes, lettuce, and chocolate cake, in the tests in October 2017.


Five Blades residents have filed what they hope will become a class action lawsuit on behalf of over 1,300 residents against several companies they blame for contamination of the town’s drinking water with toxic chemicals.


The state of New Jersey is suing several companies, including two from Delaware, for manufacturing and selling toxic firefighting foam products for decades— despite being aware of their dangers.


Concerns about the effects of toxic PFAS chemicals on public water supplies in some areas of Delaware are rising with the announcement of a federal government probe into a reserve base at New Castle, and a report that the Pentagon is seeking to weaken standards for cleaning up contamination at military installations such as Dover Air Force Base.


Some Delaware residents will have their blood tested in a new federal study of toxic chemical exposure near military bases around the country.


Contamination by toxic PFAS chemicals in ground water at Dover Air Force Base was dramatically higher than federal health limits recommended this year, according to a new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists.


A recent Harvard study that looked at drinking water contamination said Newark had unsafe levels of PFAs, an industrial chemical, in its water. The city says that's wrong.