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Legislation adding higher tax rates for wealthier Delawareans is unlikely to get a floor vote again this year.

Sarah Mueller

Republican state lawmakers are pushing a slate of bills they say will improve government operations.

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Agents of multiple Limited Liability Companies may soon be limited to just one vote in the city of Newark.

The Delaware Senate is set to take up two pieces of legislation to help federal workers.

The bills cleared the House Tuesday.

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The last day of the General Assembly this year could end sooner than it has in the past.

For decades, state lawmakers have often worked into the wee hours of July 1st passing the budget bills and holding last minute votes on others.

Delaware could move to reassess property values statewide this year. But it’s more likely to be through a court order than political will.

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The Delaware House made no changes to its ethics rules Tuesday as a new session started.

Sarah Mueller

Legislative Hall in Dover was packed Tuesday as 17 new members were sworn into the General Assembly.

The House welcomed eight Democrats and four Republicans. The Senate added five new faces, four Democrats and one Republican.

Some state lawmakers say they may try again to pass early voting legislation in Delaware.

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Political parties in the Delaware House and Senate chose new leadership Wednesday, one day after the midterm election.