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Office of Management and Budget

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The Christina School District is keeping administration of statewide services for children with autism.

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A deal to keep the Statewide Autism Program with the Christina School District may be in place.

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There’s some confusion surrounding management of the state’s autism program.

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The future of Delaware’s Autism Program for children is unclear with legal fight brewing over who will operate it.

Common Cause Delaware has posted a link to bid data the First State received to replace its current voting machines.

DSU seeking faculty, staff pay bumps from state

Nov 2, 2015

Delaware State University is looking to give faculty and staff raises should state lawmakers kick in another $2.2 million to their annual budget.


President Harry Williams says that would equate to a three or four percent raise for those classified as state employees, which make up most of the 200 full-time professors.

Travel ban among new state cost-cutting measures

May 6, 2015
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Consistently falling revenues have prompted state officials to issue a series of cost-cutting measures – including a moratorium on non-essential out-of-state travel.

That ban would not apply to members of the General Assembly, Judiciary, other elected officials, higher education or local school districts and charter schools.