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Among the legislation that became law last week is a measure aimed at protecting consumers from contracts that renew automatically. 

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Lawmakers passed the largest bond bill in state history today Tuesday, with both chambers overwhemingly approving the $1.3 billion plan.

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Lawmakers approved the largest Bond Bill in state history after days of debates and disagreements.

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Tensions flared during Wednesday’s Bond Bill committee as lawmakers debated using surplus funds to boost some capital projects.

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Lawmakers passed one of the bills restricting access to guns Tuesday.

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Legislation that would protect Delawareans in contracts with businesses that include an automatic renewal is heard in a Senate committee.

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Lawmakers on the Bond Bill Committee heard from the Department of Correction about its growing maintenance backlog.

Some Delaware’s legislators are putting their support behind the union drive at an Amazon Warehouse in Alabama.

JFC talks potential education cuts

Feb 6, 2017
Delaware Public Media

Even popular education programs may not be safe from budget cuts as state lawmakers seek to send more cash to high-poverty schools.


Texting while driving has been cited as the root cause for hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents across the country -- some of them turning deadly.


Lawmakers are trying to beef up legal consequences while also educating people to not look at their phones in their cars in the first place.


New slate of women-focused bills released in Dover

Apr 13, 2016
Delaware Public Media

Legislators released a trio of bills Wednesday they say will strengthen health care privacy and equal employment in the workforce for women.


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State officials are making progress in preparing to address a backlog of untested sexual assault kits.


The state Criminal Justice Council was recently awarded a $1.3 million federal grant to help.

“This is a federal grant that’s going to put together a multi-jurisdictional team to put together a plan that’ll prioritize which kits should be tested first and why and how," said Christian Kervick, CJC executive director.


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Those with disabilities in Delaware could save for their future without losing federal benefits under a new bill in Delaware.

Legislation would create a tax-exempt savings account under the federal ABLE Act that Congress passed last year.