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The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation (KNF) is offering a unique way to learn more about shipbuilding this weekend.


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The Kalmar Nyckel will sail past Sussex County for the second year in a row.

Photo from the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation - storm scene being shot from Lewes

The documentary, Kalmar Nyckel: The Forgotten Journey, was recently nominated for a 2018 Mid-Atlantic Emmy.


In this week’s Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele interviews the film’s executive producer, Kalmar Nyckel Foundation senior historian and director of education Sam Heed about the documentary.



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If you want to take a ride on Delaware’s Tall Ship, the Kalmar Nyckel, you’re going to have to travel to New Castle County this summer.



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The Kalmar Nyckel has launched its 2018 sailing season.


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The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation will launch two new exhibits at its Copeland Maritime Center in Wilmington next month.


The First State won a legal battle in federal court last week when the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia overruled a Delaware District Court judge in a case involving Delaware Elections Disclosure Act.  Widener Delaware Law School dean Rod Smolla rejoins us this week to analyze the decision and its impact.

Over the last fifty years, there’s been reported declines of moths all over North America. And there’s no simple answer for what’s driving down their populations. As one listener told iSeeChange -- our project to answer your questions about the changes you see in your environment -- the sight of moths gathering around a backyard porch light is no longer as common as it used to be in Delaware.  So, Delaware Public Media’s science reporter Eli Chen went to find out what’s behind the dwindling moth populations in the First State.

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377 years ago, the Swedes set sail across the Atlantic Ocean to establish a colony in North America.

And now, Delaware’s Tall Ship is ready for its close-up.

A documentary on The Kalmar Nyckel begins filming this summer.

Karl Malgiero/Delaware Public Media

The grand opening of the new Copeland Maritime Center and Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard in Wilmington is Sunday – showcasing the new educational and tourism resources the home port for Delaware’s Tall Ship of Delaware now has to offer.

The Maritime Center itself is a four story building housing all ship maintenance facilities, administrative offices and space for visiting schools to gather.