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The Green - July 27, 2018

Jul 27, 2018

Listen to this week's edition of The Green or individual segments below:

Larry Nagengast / Delaware Public Media

Historic Penn Farm, teacher Karen Ferrucci says, “is a different kind of animal.”

And it’s also a place where you’ll find dozens of different kinds of vegetables.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, students at Mount Pleasant High School part of Generation Voice - Delaware Public Media’s youth radio program there - recorded  a conversation with a loved one.

Wilmington Green Box

The Wilmington Green Box is a new initiative created by friends and business partners John Naughton and Jason Aviles to provide areas of Wilmington classified as food deserts with healthier options this summer, while at the same time employing youth who might otherwise be have little to do.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump victories in Tuesday’s Delaware presidential primary handed the delegates and momentum as tehy try to lock down their respective parties' nominations.  But can anything els ebe learned from the decisive wins in the First State.  Delaware Public Media political reporter James Dawson visited the Green this week to offer his perspective.

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This week  on The Green  from Delaware Public Media.

Leaders of both parties in the General Assembly have been holding ongoing negotiations over how to fund transportation spending.  Political reporter James Dawson examines what progress is being made.

A Dover hip-hop trio will get its chance to shine at this summer’s Firefly Festival.  We introduce you to Cypher Clique and their music.

This week on "The Green" from Delaware Public Media.

An update on Delaware's charter schools as a handful find themselves facing increased state scrutiny.

Science reporter Eli Chen examines a new study on health care services for inmates with HIV highlights new approaches used in Delaware’s correctional system.