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Government shutdown

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed is cheering an increase in federal funding for this fiscal year.

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Delaware’s Congressional delegation is weighing in on President Trump’s announcement he’s ready to sign a temporary deal to reopen the federal government.


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One piece of legislation helping federal workers in Delaware impacted by the partial federal government is heading to Gov. John Carney’s desk. But a companion bill failed to pass the state Senate.

The Delaware Senate is set to take up two pieces of legislation to help federal workers.

The bills cleared the House Tuesday.

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The current federal government shutdown is set to be longest in modern history.

It’s affecting some Delawareans, including First State farmers.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Federal officials announced Tuesday that full Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits will be available to participants for the month of February.


Roughly 137,000 Delaware residents rely on SNAP, according to state officials.


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Delaware's senior senator expects a continuing resolution to fund the government at current levels will pass in Congress Wednesday.

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A repeat of 2013’s government shutdown may be just a couple of weeks away if Congress doesn’t act on a temporary spending measure.


Current funding runs out September 30th and Delaware’s junior senator, Chris Coons (D-Delaware), says he is very concerned a shutdown will happen again.